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2014 Hello there. It has been a while since our programmers have updated this page...hopefully you have found our ongoings at www.livemonarch.com

please look there for our recent activity and plans for the future. This time capsule demonstrates our early efforts.


Well this year has started with building delays and very cold weather.

We are struggling to overcome a late start and get our Greenhouses back up.

New Promotional Fly By campaign has been completed with 300+ hours over the winter of design construction and coloration.

New web site with added functionality to reward all our partners / Friends.

New products and new ideas! To make this year by far the best ever.

Our farm should be the picture of excellence and beauty within a few months.

Get ready world here we come !!!




Hurricane cleanup continues as we have been plagued by these Natural disasters!

We hope to be back to normal by Mid October.

Day to Day - We pack your envelopes with Seed packs.

Publicity - We are happy to have been in the May 2003 issue of Womans day Magazine. We were also in Birds and bloom, Boca Raton News and several small publications too.

Honors - We accepted a beautiful plaque from Coconut Creek "The butterfly Capitol Of The World" for our support of their butterfly celebration 5,000 seed packs given out. We also completed their Government center living Butterfly exhibit.
Outreach - We teamed up with Mc Henry County Pads to help raise funds for their mission to provide emergency, transitional and preventative measures for the homeless. 10,000 personalized seed packs.

Renaissance Festival - During the Month of February 2003 we had a booth and gave out approx. 30,000 butterfly garden seed packs. look for us in 2004!

New Caterpillar raising room! - We are now state of the art and have the perfect butterflies to prove it. It takes allot to raise perfect butterflies.
New Hydroponic System - State of the art automated system that makes growing perfect plants so much easier...the key to really healthy butterflies!
Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, celebrations and memorials of all kinds. You may have seen us at the Coconut Creek Government center releasing butterflies for the astronauts. We were also at The Butterfly capitol of the world celebration giving away another 5,000 seed packs!
Local Schools - we are here and there presenting and participating at schools in our area. We are happy to be a fun and educational part of your events.
2004 New Farm - We have made the leap into acreage...a full 2 acreas in Boynton Beach. A 3,000 square foot hydroponic facility and really nice facility to raise caterpillars and enjoy our creativity.
Butterfly Classes - Are being scheduled! A hands on learning experience for those interested in butterfly care. Look for updates on our pages!

If you have a butterfly event and would like us to participate please call us!

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Call us toll free in USA 877 722-8624

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