Who is Live Monarch?

I am Christopher Singer, Founder of Live Monarch. I used to look like the picture at left but living in South Florida and caring for young monarchs keep me in shorts throughout our hot summers. Helping out Monarchs keeps me well grounded... well most of the time.

Picture at right was taken at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton during a community education project, We handed out several thousand seed packs, plants and many caterpillars over 4 full days. We try to be a part of local events whenever possible and always lend our support.

Why Raise Butterflies?

Why not. I started raising Monarchs a few years ago after visiting a store and seeing live chrysalis on display. I thought that was a terrific gift and proceeded to raise my first brood within a month or so after reading everything I could find on the subject. It was a good diversion that kept me in touch with nature and seemed to have a very calming impact on me. Caring for my small plants and few caterpillars gave me a relaxing moment during an otherwise hectic day of running Internet advertising campaigns for over 100 clients. Research on Butterflies gave me access to all sorts of information on our environment and cause for concern as so many animals are losing their habitats due to the shortsighted actions of man. There is no excuse for ruining our environment.

Monarchs do not complain, they do not make a big mess, they are gentle but their greatest attribute is that of being magical. I have not yet met a person who has no affinity for the creatures and have witnessed marked changes and definite improvements in the spirits of many individuals by the simple gift of a butterfly to care for. Monarchs teach great lessons and connect us to Nature in a personal way. Since the first Monarch Gift I gave over six years ago I have been hooked! Every month my personal commitment grows and hopefully with our foundation we can ensure the annual migration of the Monarchs continues for all Americans and inhabitants of North America to enjoy.

Creativity is key when it comes to planting seeds across North America. We certainly do distribute lots of Milkweed seed by hand, mail, and by air too. This is Christopher on a Milkweed run spreading a few seeds while taking an afternoon powered paraglider flight along the Florida Coast.

2005 -Picture at right is a proposed Monarch design for a new paraglider. If all goes well with all facets of Live Monarch the team plans to make a seed planting expedition along the 3,000 mile migration route of the Monarch Butterfly. Raising awareness and creating preserves at every stop along the trip.

2007-This dream has become a reality with over 300 hours invested in the construction and coloration...keep an eye to the sky!

We have a few part time assistants and enjoy the participation of several more volunteers whos ages range from 4 to 84 years young. While not every part of butterfly care is glamorous each participant gets a full picture of the complexity and miracle of a butterfly's life. Pictures of the staff will be forthcoming...no matter how they protest.

Some pictures of our seasonal staff and volunteers:



Tova & Zakary








I lay the eggs!

A brief background on our Founder. ( Taken from an old resume )

Highly skilled professional with 15 years experience in product development as well as responsible for feasibility evaluation, market research, product formation and formulation, planning strategic market entry, costing, proposal creation, employee recruitment and training. Excellent communicator, problem solver, planner with proven record of accomplishment, and ability to achieve goals under time and budget constraints. Synergistic team player with capacity to both formulate and implement highly effective resource maximizing strategies. Motivational counselor.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE INTERNET / MARKETING/ SALES/ PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, 1998-2000 Both a top sales person and responsible for the development of several Search Engine promotion products. Contributed both to the bottom line of the company and its offerings which further elevated this rapidly growing company to not only a contender but the winner of The Business Journal's; Business of the year in 1999. In the past year I have gained a strong understanding of the future of online commerce its inner workings and how to take advantage of its many opportunities. * Within the first two months of my entry into the company I created a fully functional site which gathers hundreds of targeted leads a month, and started an affiliated program which brings more than 2,000 unique viewers to our home page every day, at very little additional costs to the company. * Implemented strategy to rapidly enter the Internet arena with automated Search Engine optimization software which I co-authored. Basic understanding of NT and Unix environment, Perl CGI and various other platforms, through which a site gains functionality.

SIGNIFICANT SOLUTIONS CORP / PRODUCT MANAGER / MARKETING CONSULTANT, 1994-2007· Instrumental in the development of several state of the art products for introduction to the consumer marketplace. In the startup phase I was assigned the responsibilities of overseeing product formulation, and later the patenting of the new technologies. I created and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan in which I brought the product to the consumer via mail order, trade shows and televised infomercial. · Within the first year deadline and narrow budget constraints I was able to place the patent pending product on the shelves of J.C. Penney and create and launch a successful nationwide television infomercial. Product remains on air to date. · Created a business plan with which the corporation is seeking funding to launch several of its new products. · Implemented strategy to facilitate the licensing of these new technologies to several multinational companies. · Have appeared multiple times to promote products on national television on such venues as QVC and HSN.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS / PROJECT MANAGER / PRODUCTIVITY CONSULTANT, 1993-1994 · Hired by top management to update telecommunications tracking system. Responsible for contacting pops and organizing the data base directory of usable lines. Initiated and completed overhaul of backorder filing system. · Created new labor saving systems for order processing, resulting in a time savings of 10-25% for the circuit bracers and greater department morale.

PRODUCT PROMOTER / AUDITOR, 1992-1993 Responsible for recruiting and training of regional team for point of sale placements for Sprint phone card promotions. I maintained the responsibility of overseeing regional auditing of a national marketing in-store campaign for Mastercard mastervalues.

EDUCATION Masters Program International Business. Focus: Product Development and Strategic Marketing. University of Miami School of Law, Florida. 1991-1992 University of Madrid, Spain. Focus: Language, Culture and History. 1990 C.W. Post, Long Island University, New York. 1988-1991 BA in Economics, GPA in major: 3.95. Double minor, Business and Fine Arts. · Received scholarships in Economics and Art for highest average and achievement respectively. Accelerated graduation in three years with a unique blending of disciplines.

ACTIVITIES Member : World Trade Center, Pi Gamma Delta, Honor Society and Miami Art Glass Guild · Professional artist with accomplishments in varied mediums, including architectural design, blown glass, bronze casting, ceramics, computer graphics, set design, lithography, modeling, metal, paint, photography, screen printing, sculpting, welding, and wood turning. Award winning work has been displayed in juried shows in New York and Florida. · I maintain an active interest in new technologies and product research including a working knowledge of patent and trademark procedures. I attend a wide variety of trade shows through which I maintain a network of key professionals.